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Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Bahia, Natal, Brasilia, and more. Carnaval, Ponta Negra, the Amazon, beaches of Rio, the moquecas of Salvador. Whether you love beaches, archaeology outdoor adventure, or a partier in search of a good time, Brazil presents so many different travel options that you wont no where to start. There is no place on earth like beautiful Brazil.

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The Amazon: Escape from the urban jungle into the steamy rainforest of the Amazon & float down long winding rivers into mysterious shadows. While your there why not stay at the The Tropical Manaus Hotel click here for more
Copacabana Beach: Copacabana is one of the reasons why people fall in love with Rio. Home to Rio's famous New Year's celebration. It attracts over 2 million people from all over the world!.
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Salvador: more than anywhere else in the country, the African influence in the makeup of Brazilian culture is readily visible, from the spicy dishes to the ritualistic fighting art of capoeira click here for more
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Brazilian Music Strong influences on the music of Brazil come from Africa, India, Portugal and the natives of the Amazon rainforest and of other parts of the country.
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Brazilian Dance Brazilian dance descends from both European and the festival dances of the earliest inhabitants.click for more

Brazilian Food The national cuisine of Brazil is more a collection of unique regional ones."
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The Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvars Cabral arrived here in 1500, and claimed this land for Portugal. Three centuries later (in 1822) Brazil proudly proclaimed its independence, and has never looked back. more

Brazilians are a happy, high spirited people. They are are very warm, friendly, uninhibited and delight in working hard and playing hard as well.They take relationships seriously and aim to please when they are the hosts. more

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